Cellphones, Brain Tumors & the Elephant(s)… in the Room

The jumbo Interphone Study results for brain tumors and cellphones landed recently.  Nutbars wanna take our cellphones away again. This time it’s the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)part of the World Health Organization (WHO), 48 scientists with data from 13 countries (no U.S. see later), over five years and 5,100 brain tumors. OK fine, big names, big numbers but whaddaya got? Are cellphone giving us brain tumors? 40% Increase in Glioma [ which, if that’s all it was after 30 years? Hey, no biggie! But it seems there’s much, much more to it. ] For example, this $ 25 million study found a 40% increase in brain tumors but you had to be a “heavy” cellphone user for ten years. And who uses a cellphone 30 minutes a day? Ah, it’s 2010. Who doesn’t? And one in four people have given up their land line in favor of cellphones. So the better question – at least for teenage girls – may be Do you use your phone 30 minutes  every  hour? Young People Not Allowed Still, that “better question” wasn’t asked because people under 30 were not included, one of many omissions in this “landmark” study. Why bother having all those thin-skulled, rapid-cell dividing, 24-7 manic cellphone users cluttering up your tumor tally? It’s just so unseemly. Especially when they have a much higher rate of brain tumors. Elephant number one, ‘n two. Another elephant (not in the study) who tip-toed into this research room is Cordless Phones – the phone used by the other 75% who have not chucked their land line. You may say, ‘Who cares?’, this being a cellphone study? We care for 2 reasons; one, cordless phones emit microwave radiation 24 hours a day like a mini-cell phone tower in your home and are separately associated with brain tumors. And secondly, reason one completely negates the results of the study by dramatically watering down the findings. Confound it! Cordless phones are a powerful “confounder” [ confounder: a factor that can influence a trial or experiment, leading to unexpected outcomes that improperly skew the results]. Throw in some not incidental electromagnetic radiation exposures like Wi-Fi, powerlines, office and home appliances  and this INTERPHONE Study is effectively comparing a 3 pack-a-day smoker to a 5 pack-a-day smoker.  < a pdf. Consumer Guide Expiry Date The third elephant who snuck past security is Time, the study is four years late. There are many elements that work to confound these results over those four years, the most obvious being the rise in usage.  But I’d rather point to the reason why it’s four years late. Politics and money. Who among you industries has 4.6 billion customers giving you a fat monthly fee? Oil, Tobacco, Pharma, Power Cos. … put your hands down! The fact is none of these other industries has the reach of mobile phones.  China, India and Africa see to that. Without infrastructure you can’t have gobs of electric power or commerce or oil-sucking transportation. With cellphones, you gain instant market penetration in very poor countries. One scary example is introducing an immune system stressor to people of African nations many of whom have massively compromised immune systems.  But that’s a future study. [ Many Africans spend more on cellphones than rent ] Theft of a People’s Rights Back in 1996 in the United States, the Cellphone Industry wrote The Telecom Act of 1996. It stands as the most egregious abridgment of any people’s rights anywhere. In any town in America you cannot stop a cellphone tower for health reasons. It’s the law. But it goes beyond that. If you try… you will be sued. So let it be written.. so let it be done. And who let the dogs out( Thanks Al Gore! ) These actions mirror the crazed hubris of Wall Street but here people’s lives are at stake not merely their life savings. If you can write your own laws in the U.S. Congress then writing your own science and exerting undue, unprecedented influence is child’s play (see Pharma influence of WHO). This is the Cellphone Industry. It’s much like what the Tobacco Industry managed for 50 years.  So for all the thrust and parry of battling scientific views, for all the ongoing hoo-ha .. it’s just about money, trillions and trillions of dollars of it. America Opts Out? We’re Good! America opts out of the biggest cellphone study ever.  Why?  ‘We weren’t askedsays the telebacco industry. I’m totally sure that’s true. And the research scientists say there was no government  money available. Right, of course, with the number of cellphones about to exceed the population why would the government have any interest in cellphones and brain tumors? Besides – It’s All Been Done In 1993, Dr. George Carlo was picked to head the Wireless Technology Research program (WTR), a  6 year, $ 28.5 million study of cellphones health effects employing over 200 doctors and scientists. Dr. Carlo found some troubling things and left the research program to write Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Brain Cancer and Genetic Damage . Kinda gives away the plot. So here now is their expert introducing the specter of a cellphone-induced brain tumor pandemic. Back to the Interphone Study and our elephantine enumeration. Disappearing  Brain Tumors In the jumbo Interphone Study, they did Not count people who died OR were too sick to be interviewed. Are these not the very people to be enumerated? So we have excision of brain tumors with the art of epidemiology ( i.e. the sum of factors controlling the presence or absence of a disease or pathogen ).  Nice… if people fall for it. Disappearing  Acoustic Neuromas Kid’s need to keep foreign objects out of their ears. Acoustic Neuromas are a benign tumor of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance and can be life-threatening. Coincidentally, acoustic neuromas have been associated with both cellphones AND cordless phones. Acoustic neuromas were also omitted from the final results published. Why is that? Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden ( the same people who pick the Nobel Prize for Medicine ) found up to 400% increased in these acoustic neuromas. Parotid Gland Tumors? Same Deal The Parotid ( or Saliva ) Gland tumors did not make the final cut either as the battle over brain tumors was pulling the Definition of a “Regular” Cellphone User And the ‘artists’ were not done. Their definition of a cellphone user? Someone who uses their cellphone “once a week for six months”. This is like calling a person a smoker walks through a smoky bar looking for a friend… once a week. With apologies to A.G. Bell – Hello, Watson … Come here .. I need a clue’ Here again, an elephant slipping past our fancy new electromagnetic screening device  which itself promises more electropollution. The fourth elephant perhaps behind a fake nose n’ glasses go into the party. Memory – elephants Denmark Eight of thirteen countries have already published. Denmark is perfect example of how these studies are conducted. Rogue – elephants Missing Appendix Not the don’t-try-this-at-home removal of appendix, rather this Appendix. This Appendix tries to correct one bizzare finding that cellphones reduce brain tumors immediately ( agreed to be improbable ). that Speaking of removal, it brings the big Danish study to mind.

This INTERPHONE Research Room hosts  Pachyderm Party

Oh and Roger Ebert hasn’t got a brain tumor. Thank God!

His old partner Siskel did. And they doubtless were early adopters of the Motorola “brick” cellphone.  ‘It’s all good! It’s all good!’, you hear the telebacco minions chime in. In point of fact, It’s all bad!

These guys are serving Up Brain Tumors …with the Efficiency of McDonald’s The Interphone study provides enough elephant dung to make everyone unhappy.  The media is split on their spin, Yes, No and Maybe.

Yes.  The answer is Yes.


2 responses to “Cellphones, Brain Tumors & the Elephant(s)… in the Room

  1. I got rid of my cell phone. So many people are clueless to the fact that its going to be the biggest genocide in the history of mankind. Cellphone towers and wireless technology and 90% are absolutely clueless and blind to the fact that its already killing them especially in poorer countries. They crave there cellphones more than crack

    • I think we must include all wireless, smart meters, power lines..indeed all manmade radiation is toxic. Brain tumor lawsuits are advancing in the U.S. and laws in Europe but we will have safe level of EMF legislated about the same time as we can take a shuttle bus to Mars Take Care of Yourself.

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