Epilepsy: Cause & Cure

My roommate had epilepsy.
His seizures jumped up when we moved in,

not 150 ‘ from power lines.

It got me thinking… I had seizures when I was a kid.
I went to my childhood home and measured the electromagnetic fields.
Big time. My seizures disappeared when I moved downstairs.
No EMF radiation downstairs.

We had an epileptic dog growing up.
He always laid down behind my father’s chair.
It happened to be a Laz-y-Boy recliner so was
always plugged in and giving off an electric field.

The chair was (unfortunately) positioned directly
above the furnace. The alternator on the furnace gave
off a huge surge of EMF pulse whenever it came on.

Hardly scientific certainty but everything starts with observation.
Besides,  for a great many other reasons – I was certain by then.

So I attended the Stanford Epilepsy Conference
put on by Stanford University. All the Big Brains were gathered.
They are self-proclaimed ‘best in the world’. You may even know them
if you follow the epilepsy literature.

I was the only lay person amongst the researchers.
The top guy gets up and he points to this big pie chart,
” Epilepsy is an electrical storm in the brain…” . He points to
a big grey area and he says, ” 75% of all epileptic seizures
are caused by some unknown environmental factor”.




I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.

He quickly, rudely and roundly chastised me for my ignorance
and pressed on with his presentation.

Next presenter was a woman, the organizer –
and by reputation – the world’s second biggest brain
on the subject of epilepsy.

Same, only different. When she got to the ‘big mystery’
part of her show I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.
With a tad more decorum she sympathized with my stupidity.

Third guy, a young guy hot off the ‘academic’ presses in Europe
(Italy to be exact). He represented the future of epilepsy research…
and the two Big Brains couldn’t praise him enough.

Well, twice burned…
I waited and button-holed him outside in the quadrangle.
I walked straight up to him and again said, “It’s electromagnetic fields!”
He leaned forward eyes alight and replied “That’s brilliant! You know they are using EMF to TREAT epilepsy in Spain”. “Yes I do”, I replied.

That was in 1996.
You can see how far we have come.

It’s 2011, Western medicine is using EMF to treat the things it causes –
epilepsy, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, addiction
and now, very soon… autism.


Funnier still, we shouldn’t need to crack open your skull and charge $50 – 120,000 for the privilege.

These are electromagetic fields, they go through the skull with ease.  If we had researchers and resources we’d develop a $500 hand-held consumer device that sits in your medicine cabinet. Pick your frequency… Dial-a-Disease.

In alternative medicine they’re treating cancer with pulsed electromagnetic fields and a certain Nobel Prize winner is securing a patent on EMF to treat HIV-AIDS. (not any Nobel winner but Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HI virus)


8 responses to “Epilepsy: Cause & Cure

  1. EMF may be a final factor for some people, but why not everybody? I think there are other imbalances contributing to the environment to make seizures more likely, and one of the main items is what one eats. If you have the proper nutrition, are you balanced electrically? (PH level) if not, the electrical ion imbalance may eventually “short out” in a brain storm, certainly not the usual method, but one way the body compesates.

    • That’s very true, in my view. Gluten/dairy and other nutritional aspects play a part with pH in the mix. My concern is that EMF is the common denominator, activator-accelerator that goes unindicted. A new study here http://bit.ly/YUJeV3 . Forget what they were trying to do (detect cancer) and instead consider what they have found. Levin notes, “We’ve shown that electric events tell the cells what to do. The voltage changes are not merely a sign of cancer. They control and direct whether the cancer occurs or not.” In other words, they demonstrate that tiny electrical currents control cancers. Could the exact same research be done for Epilepsy? Tiny electric currents at the cell membrane is what EMF generates. Cause and cure. As with epilepsy – EMFs are part of the problem AND part of the solution. But the simple fact is, not all people are exposed to the same level of EMF and it is certainly a predisposition established in utero as with autism. Thanks for your input.

  2. epilepsymeandneurology

    like brian I don’t think EMF is the only cause but the subtle energy of the body is not fully understood in relation to all of the envrionmental factors including food, emf etc. very interesting post.

  3. Speak for yourselves , or just guess, ok. Fact: High EMF exposure is ALL that is needed for SOME people to get epilepsy. With no family history, no other illness, & an organic, no sugar, no grain, no dairy diet, & checking my ph level with ph strips, I developed epilepsy as soon as a digital, or “smart”, electric company meter was attached to my house, right outside & next to my bedroom window. Just because some people or doctors THINK developing epilepsy has to do with several factors like diet, stress, ph, other imbalances, or an epilepsy fairy, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE!!! Their ASSumption/theory is wrong. One high dose of EMF exposure can cause a seizure, and prolonged exposure to EMFs can cause epilepsy. If you still don’t believe what happened to me, I also have another friend who ate the same diet as I did, & it happened to him too. If you still doubt it, use yourself as a test subject to see if your theory is true. I respect the author for standing up to the doctors/researchers & attempting to educate them.

  4. Hi there. Has anyone heard about seizures/ epilepsy and driving the new 100% electric vehicles?

    • Electric Vehicles have gotten a free pass in the EMF debate. Too many EMF sources. Not enough research money. And after all, electric cars epitomize “green” today. Plus Epilepsy, unfortunately, is not central to either research done on electromagnetic fields nor the present outrage over Smart Meters. If we don’t look, we don’t find. Further, if epilepsy was on the EMF research ‘radar’ then it would then engulf the tiniest among us by bringing EMF front and center in the Causes-of-Autism discussion.

  5. The biggest bad luck in life is to have epilepsy. I’m an epileptic so i’m feel unlucky. Here’s another useful article: http://www.epilepsyc.com/article/what-causes-epilepsy-2

  6. Everyone once thought the world was flat until EVENTUALLY someone proved it!

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