Your Smartphone Brings You… Super(bug) Gonorrhea

“I have long believed that electromagnetic field exposure has been responsible for the rise of superbugs. Is this a reasonable theory?”  I wrote to Dr. Louis A. Norton, in August 2006.                                                                                                                                                                No reply. Such is the life of the ranty outlier.                                                                             But guess what? New research has emerged.

First though, Today we have Super Gonorrhea download (1)                  ‘Untreatable Gonorrhoea ‘Superbug’ Spreading Around World, WHO Warns’

Earlier this year, research emerged on Mobile Phones Creating Drug Resistant Organism

“Evaluation of the Effect of Radio frequency Radiation Emitted From Wi-Fi Router and Mobile Phone Simulator on the Antibacterial Susceptibility of Pathogenic
Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli”

Couple this with research from years ago..                                                                                         ‘Mobile phone risk to fertility of men who keep devices in their trouser pocket: Radiation can affect quality of sperm’



Follow the Bouncing Ball(s)…
(Young men zapping Mr. Woody)


Screenshot - 7_7_2017 , 11_12_46 PM

ipso facto

Your Smartphone Brings You Super(bug) Gonorrhea

No App Required.


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