This is about Toxic Energy a.k.a. electromagnetic fields (E-M-F).

We’re swimming in electromagnetic fields. Power lines, computers, appliances, cell phones and Wi-Fi- each generates some manner of electromagnetic field radiation. Electromagnetic fields in these frequencies were historically believed to be harmless (i.e. non-ionizing).  Non-ionizing by definition means these waves can’t break DNA strands.

All known cancer-inducing agents, including radiation, certain chemicals and a few viruses act by breaking chemical bonds, producing mutant strands of DNA. Not until the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum is reached, beyond visible light, beyond infrared and far, far beyond microwaves, do photons have sufficient energy to break chemical bonds. Microwave photons heat tissue, but they do not come close to the energy needed to break chemical bonds, no matter how intense the radiation.

Dr. Robert Park of the American Physical Society (New York Times Oct. 1, 2002)

To further the point, Dr. Park suggested being concerned about DNA breaks in these non-ionizing frequencies was like being concerned “that a cat will damage a tree by breathing on it during a howling windstorm.” PBS’s news program Frontline featured this same ‘expert’ howling with laugher at the mere prospect.

Turns out this non-ionizing radiation breaks both single and double strands of DNA.

‘Whoops!’ Is that the correct Physics term, Professor?

Understand, there are trillions of dollars standing between you and the truth.

We are all “in the EMF business” and electricity is the backbone of our technological advance.  Like the tobacco industry … except much larger in terms of morbidity and morality.

Toxic Energy: the Truth & Consequences of Technology will be on the e-book shelves later next year. In the meantime, a few observations.

The objective of these pages is to persuade you to look beyond industry-beholden experts, beyond the conflicted and self-interested, beyond the dinosaurs. Look instead to this other sea of experts toiling in relative obscurity many of them for decades. Look behind the curtain. Look at the research papers first hand. You be the judge.