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Your Smartphone Brings You… Super(bug) Gonorrhea

“I have long believed that electromagnetic field exposure has been responsible for the rise of superbugs. Is this a reasonable theory?”  I wrote to Dr. Louis A. Norton, in August 2006.                                                                                                                                                                No reply. Such is the life of the ranty outlier.                                                                             But guess what? New research has emerged.

First though, Today we have Super Gonorrhea download (1)                  ‘Untreatable Gonorrhoea ‘Superbug’ Spreading Around World, WHO Warns’

Earlier this year, research emerged on Mobile Phones Creating Drug Resistant Organism

“Evaluation of the Effect of Radio frequency Radiation Emitted From Wi-Fi Router and Mobile Phone Simulator on the Antibacterial Susceptibility of Pathogenic
Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli”

Couple this with research from years ago..                                                                                         ‘Mobile phone risk to fertility of men who keep devices in their trouser pocket: Radiation can affect quality of sperm’



Follow the Bouncing Ball(s)…
(Young men zapping Mr. Woody)


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ipso facto

Your Smartphone Brings You Super(bug) Gonorrhea

No App Required.


Death by Disney (saved by the Donald)

Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

Donald Trump notwithstanding (and without comment as to whether the world will withstand Trump) – corporations and health agencies the world over have indeed been fooling           ‘..all of the people, all of the time’ when it comes to the hazard of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

EMF litigation is bigger than China’s cash reserves, more voluminous even than the current U.S. president’s pile of horseshit. But I digress. My point is, EMF is ‘too big to fail’ i.e. solve, unravel, uncover or otherwise correct. It’s easier to have people die from this ubiquitous man-made radiation than to redesign our technology. EMF is a design problem.

Betcha didn’t know there’s a branch of The Walt Disney Company called Disney Research with real pretend researchers? They’ve been up to some big environmental RE-designing.

These Disney enginerds, perhaps in an effort to channel the great Nicola Tesla designed a room that you power up in... literally. Or  maybe it was Power Rangers envy not being involved in the 2017 movie reboot? Either way, the result is a nightmare.


One could argue they’ve improved on the electric chair or perhaps torture (certainly of the ‘electrosensitive’).. Or they solved population growth. Maybe it’ll be said they came up with a solution for overcrowded hospitals and long term care facilities!

It’s a whole room filled with toxic electromagnetic fields.

And here is their research paper. It must be safe because in true trumpian fashion, they have said “safe” 31 times.


People don’t fail. People fail to persist.

The Decisive Human Experiment for EMF: The iNterNet of Things

Finally!                                                                                  The Decisive Human Experiment                                 with Electromagnetic Field Radiation!

This is Great! Tens of millions of humans in a study testing their exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).                                                                                                                                                     People will be literally dropping like flies.   


Here’s the thing on this iNterNet of Things (aka Internet of Everything);             as of 2015, we’re already exposed to a Quintillion times more radiation (man-made, non-ionizing radiation i.e. cellphone, towers, wi-fi, smart meters etc.) than our grandparents and their parents.

To paraphrase an old TV ad, Madge, “You’re Swimmin’ in it!” Your Soaking In It

Now along comes the iNterNet of Things

Cisco says this market will become a $ 19 Trillion Industry in the next decade.

This iNterNet of Things is your fridge ‘talking’ to your iron and washing machine and them chuckling about your time spent with the toilet seat who is then sharing your poop data with your Smart Meter who is talking to 200 other Smart Meters up to 18,000 times a day and up to a 30 mile radius.

And you DID hear about SPY TV?   This is Samsung’s new TV which listens and records and shares when the microphone is on?Spy tv





Then Hello Barbie… that rat spy will ensure you (& your kids) have no secrets!

Hello Barbie


All Things Connected All the Time.                                                     This is MASSIVE amount of New Radiation in Your Home.

Shout out to any physicist, anywhere who may be capable of calculating the increase in EMF radiation associated with this staggering new ocean of electronic smog.cropped-cell-towerpicpreentionmagazine.jpg

Fortunately or unfortunately – those scoffing at the hazard of electromagnetic fields will be first in line. The “electrosensitive” will continue to seek out sanctuary in remaining low-EMF enclaves while all the “early adopters” can’t wait for this trans-formative new technology.

They get to be the high-tech canaries in the coal mines. Except, instead of ONE canary going down the mine to prove air quality – there will tens of millions at once. I predict here the health results will be unprecedented.Canary

To me, this is The Decisive Human Experiment for EMF

All the world’s largest corporations – who’ve been dodging EMF lawsuits for 20 years – will then be dragged into court. The cellphone-brain tumor lawsuits have been bungled or otherwise dragging since 1993. Recently, 29 lawsuits were approved to proceed in Superior Court in Washington, D.C., but they have been masters of obstruction and obfuscation since day one.

iNterNet of Things as health catalyst will move rapidly, driven by the public as they overwhelm the politicians, government agencies, hospitals as well as courts. Lloy’ds of London, Swiss RE (insurer’s of the insurers)  long ago inserted the     ‘No EMF’ coverage clause and recently phone company’s insurers started too.

I’ve often said, ‘We will have a safe level of EMF about when we can take a shuttlebus to Mars’. This radically advances that schedule. Regrettably not for the shuttlebus to Mars but rather the legislation for safe EMF levels resulting from widespread health havoc delivered by iNterNet of Things.

Shuttlebus to Mars

I propose the iNterNet of Things will indeed INTERN us all                                           in a NET  of Toxic EMF Radiation.

Intern: Confine (someone) as a prisoner,                                                     especially for political or military reasons.
synonyms: confine, detain, hold (captive), lock up, imprison, incarcerate,impound, jail;

informalput away
“the refugees were interned in camps”

This iNterNet of Things will save countless millions of lives – inadvertently and ironically – after it takes out a few million.

But hey, ya wanna great omelette … ya gotta break a few eggs!

iNterNet of Things    a balance of good and bad.

Electropolis; the Transformer Killed Steve Jobs

‘Technology Killed Steve Jobs’ was a post to lay bare the obvious to those oblivious. To wit, no one, anywhere had more electromagnetic field radiation exposure every day than Steve Jobs. To even the ‘oblivious’ or uninitiated…  It’s a given.

After watching 60 Minutes interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, we can now narrow down the toxic energetic culprit.

Steve Jobs – “There are downsides to everything; there are unintended consequences to everything. The most corrosive piece of technology that I’ve ever seen is called television – but then, again, television, at its best, is magnificent”.
(Close, very close … but no cigar at the Electropolis carnival)

Aside from the steady stream of products which would have necessitated multiple radiating devices on-self for almost 24-7 was this huge and nasty transformer.

Not this one, no.

This is a harmless toy used for the express purpose of entertaining children (and adults) spurring their interest in science fiction and the future. This other one is a remnant of the past, a reminder that as we rush headlong into the future without a thought for the by-products of our techno-lust we have yet to fully account for the health impacts of the Electropolis

This Transformer (below) Killed Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs spent the last twenty years of his life in a simple country house at the corner of Santa Rita and Waverly St. in Palo Alto.

The thing is though, the lot was rather modest in size and his bedroom was <50 feet from the street and an electrical transformer                 i.e. Way Too Close.


Go to Google Maps, put in “Santa Rita and Waverly St., Palo Alto, CA”

 Even people living in a cave have heard of the debate about cellphones and brain tumors, specifically with prolonged use.

The same metaphorical cave-dwellers (when it comes to health) have also seen studies/stories the last 20 years on power lines and cancer.

Steve Jobs exposure to electromagnetic fields from products in the day put him in the top one tenth of one percent of people most exposed to this microwave radiation.

Entirely separately – his being exposed at night, in his bedroom to the emissions from an electrical transformer are also highly unusual putting him AGAIN in the top one tenth of one percent of people most exposed to this 60Hz radiation.

Sleep, as the Japanese know, is critical for health.                                                       When we sleep our metabolism drops to 40% capacity – worst case scenario for an immune system assault.  Instead, all energy goes to “cleaning-up” the mental filing system and scavenging the body’s free radicals, principally by means of increased melatonin.

EMF-exposed people at night have disrupted REM sleep and EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

Steve Jobs may ALSO have had a few things on his night table.

                                                                                                                                                     Ass-backwards Epidemiology.

Here’s an idea.                                              Go down your street – the side with the distribution lines.

Find the houses where the bedroom window is within 75 feet of these lines. Find people who have lived there 15 years. Make a separate category that includes the above BUT who also have a nasty Transformer on the pole. 

If the people are not dead or in the hospital, ask them, ‘How are ya feelin’ today? 

It’s ass-backward epidemiology to be sure but you know what? It’d give you the full and accurate laundry list of cancers, mental and neurological disorders caused by electromagnetic fields.

So if you have cancer – or are planning on getting cancer – be advised.

It doesn’t matter if you are worth $ 8 billion dollars and a meticulous vegan Buddhist. It doesn’t matter if you get the surgery and expertise of the best of Western medicine or scour the planet for solutions.

In the presence of this volume of Toxic Energy,                                you don’t stand a snowball’s change in hell.

To Bee Or Not To Bee … wired with cellphones

(originally published April 2007)

That’s the question causing a buzz around kitchen tables and at coffee shops these days.  Just when global warming gets traction we’re stung with a precipitous decline of bee populations.

No bees means no pollination, which means no fruits and vegetables. These are important food items for those of you who have been otherwise technologically engaged.

Mind you, it’s not the catastrophic impact on our food supply that gets people’s attention as much as the possible culprit; their cellphone.

People don’t really don’t make the cellphone connection, so jokes fly.

And unfortunately, if people were asked which to give up – their cellphone or the bees – the bees would go the way of the dodo.

If you haven’t heard, bee colonies are collapsing. Normally, a 20% loss may be expected year-over-year but this year’s declines are 40, 50 and even as high as 80% in theEastern United States. Many suspects are on the table, herbicides, pesticides, parasites as well as genetically modified high-fructose feed and organisms.

But cellphones?! Cellphone radiation affects the bees navigation system which is based on magnetite ( like magnets ), so far found in pigeons and bats and salmon and dolphins and ants and bacteria and you and me. Though who needs navigation anyway with our new wireless global positioning systems?

In addition to magnetite, bees do something called a “waggle dance*”. Hey, ask the apiarists ( beekeepers ) in your neighbourhood. The thing is, they dance in a figure 8 to communicate information about the direction and distance to patches of flowers yielding nectar or pollen, or both, and to water sources “. [ * Google & Wikipedia ]

Dancing bees have a frequency of 200 – 300 Hz.

Pulsed cellular frequencies are 217 Hz. Do ya think?

A German study showed electromagnetic radiation causes bees to avoid hives. Bees avoiding hives? That can’t be good for pollination, making honey or anything really.

Our communication system messes with the bee’s communication system.

The study is entitled How Electromagnetic Exposure Can Influence Learning Processes and can be found at

And it’s funny because Dr. Henry Lai at Universityof Washingtonlooked at cell phone exposure and learning in rats showing it affected “short term memory”, “long term memory” and “ability to learn”. It’s entitled “Acute Exposure to pulsed 2450-MHz microwaves affects water maze performance in rats” and the abstract can be found at

I had a study around here somewhere on cognition, recall and electromagnetic field exposure but where did I put it? Did you ever wonder whether your failing memory was not your failing memory but instead related to increasing “electrosmog” ? No?

Now’s your chance.

It’s a good thing we don’t allow our kids to use these cellphones. And fortunately,

we aren’t locating cell phone towers on school, library or church roofs just because they desperately need money. You know, otherwise, we might be inundated with all manner of learning disorders, ADHD or  – God forbid – violence in our schools.

You may be thinking all that research is for the birds (and the bees)… not us.

So to determined skeptics who say ‘mind your own beeswax’, a belated Happy Earth Day, this may be Mother Nature with your wake up call.

All we are saying is Give Bees a Chance.

Epilepsy: Cause & Cure

My roommate had epilepsy.
His seizures jumped up when we moved in,

not 150 ‘ from power lines.

It got me thinking… I had seizures when I was a kid.
I went to my childhood home and measured the electromagnetic fields.
Big time. My seizures disappeared when I moved downstairs.
No EMF radiation downstairs.

We had an epileptic dog growing up.
He always laid down behind my father’s chair.
It happened to be a Laz-y-Boy recliner so was
always plugged in and giving off an electric field.

The chair was (unfortunately) positioned directly
above the furnace. The alternator on the furnace gave
off a huge surge of EMF pulse whenever it came on.

Hardly scientific certainty but everything starts with observation.
Besides,  for a great many other reasons – I was certain by then.

So I attended the Stanford Epilepsy Conference
put on by Stanford University. All the Big Brains were gathered.
They are self-proclaimed ‘best in the world’. You may even know them
if you follow the epilepsy literature.

I was the only lay person amongst the researchers.
The top guy gets up and he points to this big pie chart,
” Epilepsy is an electrical storm in the brain…” . He points to
a big grey area and he says, ” 75% of all epileptic seizures
are caused by some unknown environmental factor”.




I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.

He quickly, rudely and roundly chastised me for my ignorance
and pressed on with his presentation.

Next presenter was a woman, the organizer –
and by reputation – the world’s second biggest brain
on the subject of epilepsy.

Same, only different. When she got to the ‘big mystery’
part of her show I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.
With a tad more decorum she sympathized with my stupidity.

Third guy, a young guy hot off the ‘academic’ presses in Europe
(Italy to be exact). He represented the future of epilepsy research…
and the two Big Brains couldn’t praise him enough.

Well, twice burned…
I waited and button-holed him outside in the quadrangle.
I walked straight up to him and again said, “It’s electromagnetic fields!”
He leaned forward eyes alight and replied “That’s brilliant! You know they are using EMF to TREAT epilepsy in Spain”. “Yes I do”, I replied.

That was in 1996.
You can see how far we have come.

It’s 2011, Western medicine is using EMF to treat the things it causes –
epilepsy, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, addiction
and now, very soon… autism.


Funnier still, we shouldn’t need to crack open your skull and charge $50 – 120,000 for the privilege.

These are electromagetic fields, they go through the skull with ease.  If we had researchers and resources we’d develop a $500 hand-held consumer device that sits in your medicine cabinet. Pick your frequency… Dial-a-Disease.

In alternative medicine they’re treating cancer with pulsed electromagnetic fields and a certain Nobel Prize winner is securing a patent on EMF to treat HIV-AIDS. (not any Nobel winner but Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HI virus)