To Bee Or Not To Bee … wired with cellphones

(originally published April 2007)

That’s the question causing a buzz around kitchen tables and at coffee shops these days.  Just when global warming gets traction we’re stung with a precipitous decline of bee populations.

No bees means no pollination, which means no fruits and vegetables. These are important food items for those of you who have been otherwise technologically engaged.

Mind you, it’s not the catastrophic impact on our food supply that gets people’s attention as much as the possible culprit; their cellphone.

People don’t really don’t make the cellphone connection, so jokes fly.

And unfortunately, if people were asked which to give up – their cellphone or the bees – the bees would go the way of the dodo.

If you haven’t heard, bee colonies are collapsing. Normally, a 20% loss may be expected year-over-year but this year’s declines are 40, 50 and even as high as 80% in theEastern United States. Many suspects are on the table, herbicides, pesticides, parasites as well as genetically modified high-fructose feed and organisms.

But cellphones?! Cellphone radiation affects the bees navigation system which is based on magnetite ( like magnets ), so far found in pigeons and bats and salmon and dolphins and ants and bacteria and you and me. Though who needs navigation anyway with our new wireless global positioning systems?

In addition to magnetite, bees do something called a “waggle dance*”. Hey, ask the apiarists ( beekeepers ) in your neighbourhood. The thing is, they dance in a figure 8 to communicate information about the direction and distance to patches of flowers yielding nectar or pollen, or both, and to water sources “. [ * Google & Wikipedia ]

Dancing bees have a frequency of 200 – 300 Hz.

Pulsed cellular frequencies are 217 Hz. Do ya think?

A German study showed electromagnetic radiation causes bees to avoid hives. Bees avoiding hives? That can’t be good for pollination, making honey or anything really.

Our communication system messes with the bee’s communication system.

The study is entitled How Electromagnetic Exposure Can Influence Learning Processes and can be found at

And it’s funny because Dr. Henry Lai at Universityof Washingtonlooked at cell phone exposure and learning in rats showing it affected “short term memory”, “long term memory” and “ability to learn”. It’s entitled “Acute Exposure to pulsed 2450-MHz microwaves affects water maze performance in rats” and the abstract can be found at

I had a study around here somewhere on cognition, recall and electromagnetic field exposure but where did I put it? Did you ever wonder whether your failing memory was not your failing memory but instead related to increasing “electrosmog” ? No?

Now’s your chance.

It’s a good thing we don’t allow our kids to use these cellphones. And fortunately,

we aren’t locating cell phone towers on school, library or church roofs just because they desperately need money. You know, otherwise, we might be inundated with all manner of learning disorders, ADHD or  – God forbid – violence in our schools.

You may be thinking all that research is for the birds (and the bees)… not us.

So to determined skeptics who say ‘mind your own beeswax’, a belated Happy Earth Day, this may be Mother Nature with your wake up call.

All we are saying is Give Bees a Chance.


Epilepsy: Cause & Cure

My roommate had epilepsy.
His seizures jumped up when we moved in,

not 150 ‘ from power lines.

It got me thinking… I had seizures when I was a kid.
I went to my childhood home and measured the electromagnetic fields.
Big time. My seizures disappeared when I moved downstairs.
No EMF radiation downstairs.

We had an epileptic dog growing up.
He always laid down behind my father’s chair.
It happened to be a Laz-y-Boy recliner so was
always plugged in and giving off an electric field.

The chair was (unfortunately) positioned directly
above the furnace. The alternator on the furnace gave
off a huge surge of EMF pulse whenever it came on.

Hardly scientific certainty but everything starts with observation.
Besides,  for a great many other reasons – I was certain by then.

So I attended the Stanford Epilepsy Conference
put on by Stanford University. All the Big Brains were gathered.
They are self-proclaimed ‘best in the world’. You may even know them
if you follow the epilepsy literature.

I was the only lay person amongst the researchers.
The top guy gets up and he points to this big pie chart,
” Epilepsy is an electrical storm in the brain…” . He points to
a big grey area and he says, ” 75% of all epileptic seizures
are caused by some unknown environmental factor”.




I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.

He quickly, rudely and roundly chastised me for my ignorance
and pressed on with his presentation.

Next presenter was a woman, the organizer –
and by reputation – the world’s second biggest brain
on the subject of epilepsy.

Same, only different. When she got to the ‘big mystery’
part of her show I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.
With a tad more decorum she sympathized with my stupidity.

Third guy, a young guy hot off the ‘academic’ presses in Europe
(Italy to be exact). He represented the future of epilepsy research…
and the two Big Brains couldn’t praise him enough.

Well, twice burned…
I waited and button-holed him outside in the quadrangle.
I walked straight up to him and again said, “It’s electromagnetic fields!”
He leaned forward eyes alight and replied “That’s brilliant! You know they are using EMF to TREAT epilepsy in Spain”. “Yes I do”, I replied.

That was in 1996.
You can see how far we have come.

It’s 2011, Western medicine is using EMF to treat the things it causes –
epilepsy, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, addiction
and now, very soon… autism.


Funnier still, we shouldn’t need to crack open your skull and charge $50 – 120,000 for the privilege.

These are electromagetic fields, they go through the skull with ease.  If we had researchers and resources we’d develop a $500 hand-held consumer device that sits in your medicine cabinet. Pick your frequency… Dial-a-Disease.

In alternative medicine they’re treating cancer with pulsed electromagnetic fields and a certain Nobel Prize winner is securing a patent on EMF to treat HIV-AIDS. (not any Nobel winner but Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HI virus)

Vaccines: Catalyst for the AIDS Epidemic

New research on the origins of AIDS suggest vaccines may be the villain               of this horrific piece of history. Is HIV-AIDS a self-inflicted epidemic?

Without vaccines – and outsiders insatiable appetite for intervention in Africa- the AIDS epidemic might never have happened.

( < Ancient Greek painting in a vase, showing a physician                 (iatros) bleeding a patient )

“The Origins of AIDS” is a new book by Dr. Jacques Pépin, an infectious disease specialist who worked in Africa in the early ‘80s. Dr. Pepin presents the stunning and eloquent chain of events right back to the bush hunter in central Africa in 1921.

Dr. Pépin was hands-on, treating patients in a bush hospital in the former Belgian Congo. Historically, this is the region where colonial powers France and Belgium aggressively vaccinated the population to create ‘herd immunity’ to protect whites (and the native populations, one has to assume).

This heart of Africa was the last to be exploited by European powers due to the rainforest, swamps and fear of endemic diseases. It was here where both the greatest genetic diversity of the HIV virus exists and the earliest known AIDS blood sample (dating to 1959) was found.

Dr. Pépin discovered some Africans receive as many as 300 vaccines over their lifetime.  

So whether it be early health interventions in the 20’s onward or modern immunization campaigns – vaccines have repeatedly ‘injected’ their catalytic influence into Africa’s AIDS cataclysm.

They used syringes and needles to inject hundreds of patients a day in medical campaigns against diseases such as sleeping sickness, tuberculosis and leprosy. In the process, Dr. Pépin believes, they helped turn a virus infecting a lone ape hunter in Africa into a global epidemic with some 62 million victims.”        [ Globe and Mail Oct. 21, 2011 ]

As in much of Africa today, infrastructure is weak and power failures were common. Ensuring best medical practices and procedures or even proper sterilization is impossible for Western healthcare workers. [ NB: Today,     1.3 million people each year die in developing nations from unsafe injections ]

“The chances that this hunter alone could launch an epidemic are very low,” Dr. Pépin said. “But here are all the chances in the world that he went to be treated for a tropical disease and a little HIV stayed in the syringe. Then the next patient was injected with it intravenously.”

“Honestly, I have no memory of asking myself the question at the time,” he said. “But afterwards, I reflected on what I did in good faith. I realized that maybe I had transmitted a bit of the AIDS virus.” The thought, he said,  left him with a sense of “humility.”

“Doctors and scientists can draw a lesson in prudence and humility from this,” he said. “When you manipulate nature in a way you don’t completely understand, the consequences can be unpredictable and absolutely disastrous.”

Today, Professor Pépin heads up infectious diseases at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebecand is not a high-profile AIDS researcher. And yet University of Manitoba AIDS expert Dr. Allan Ronald who initiated the well-known Nairobi prostitute study, has called Dr. Pépin “one of the unsung heroes of AIDS research.”

And as reported in the New York Times – Dr. Max Essex, chairman of the AIDS Initiative at the Harvard School of Public Health, was “biased against the idea,” he said in an interview, because he was still upset at what he considered the “distorted nonsense” of the polio hypothesis. “But I was unexpectedly surprised,” Dr. Essex said. “This is very scientifically hard, objective    scholarship.”

David Mabey, Professor of Communicable Diseases, LondonSchoolof Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Reviews the book – “In this scholarly and immensely readable account of the origin of AIDS, Dr Pépin draws on his personal experience of working in central Africaand his extensive knowledge of African history, as well his training in infectious diseases, virology and epidemiology. Unlike others who have tackled the subject, he comes to it with an open mind, and this account is likely to be definitive.”

Dr. Jacques Pépin describes the turning point in Marsailles, France where he discovered a goldmine of medical records in colonial archives,               cataloging the massive use of injections.

“That day was a revelation. I realized that these reports probably contained a big part of the explanation of what happened behind the emergence of AIDS,” he said. “If there hadn’t been those medical campaigns, in my opinion, there probably wouldn’t have been an AIDS epidemic.”

Cover Story, not ‘covered’

The Globe and Mail writer suggests that Dr. Pépin’s “getting international buzz” for his book. Not in the media. A Google News search shows an incredible dearth of coverage or response from any quarters at all.

When looking this up, you’ll be inundated with the Jacques Pépin, chef, television star and author stories. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the Dr. Jacques Pépin whose scientific chefery has finally delivered the fully-baked theory.

                                                                                                                                                                      How is that, given the magnitude of the story it remains uncovered by media? Well, the choice of book title may dilute the effect of the coverage with news groups and disseminators. The documentary “The Origins of AIDS” and other offerings, sew confusion with prior information or rampant disinformation is one answer.

Or just the ‘Oh no, not another AIDS theory!’ exhausted knee-jerk reaction. Although, I’ll wager Dr. Jacques Pépin’s book will answer more questions and unearth more facts than the last  dozens theories.

However, one main reason for no coverage seems to be the battle over vaccines and autism. The autism-vaccine story has blown-up at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is shifting it’s profit future into vaccines. Vaccines for all cancer, diabetes, addiction, Alzheimer’s, peanut allergies, obesity, bad breath – you name it – a vaccine with your affliction’s name on it is coming your way.

( Note in 1984 U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler declared that an HIV vaccine would be available within two years.    So don’t hold your breath waiting and maybe, think twice.)

The major media’s grasping for rapidly diminishing advertising dollars means any story to knock vaccines  merely hastens their own demise. Big Pharma spends a fortune on research as they are wont to remind us.

But the fact is, they spend Twice as much on advertising as on research. Goto ..

For it’s own good, the major media (an increasingly anachronistic moniker?) wouldn’t touch this story with a 10-foot pole.

Another Vaccines & Autism Story

Somewhat like the recent, long-simmering story of vaccines and autism.          The media chose sides and merely fashioned the story to suit their client needs, no different than any of Pharma’s many public relations firms.

The aggressive advocacy of media on ‘debunking’ vaccines and autism never veered from character assassination into the actual scientific research.               For people familiar with the story behind the story, it was more than a bit scary.

( Maybe Rupert Murdoch’s conflicts and involvement in greasing these wheels will cause media to revisit their ‘tainted’ campaign’)

What’s happening on this vaccine-AIDS story? Surely a story to hit over a week earlier – an eternity in internet time – would be regurgitated  a thousand times by now.  You have to judge for yourself. To me, it’s again a simple matter of money – money over health. It’s the oldest story in the history of our democracies.

However, ‘Ignore it’ seems to be the strategy on this vaccine-AIDS story as the science is too compelling. They are covering it alright … their ass that is.

And a great wave of scientific questions come billowing forth as  ‘what we know to be true’ … all of a sudden… isn’t.

The Next Investigation? Vaccines themselves.

And then it raises so many new questions. For example, what of the toxic content of the vaccines and their long term impact on morbidity and mortality in African populations with (or without) AIDS. The question of vaccine toxicity must be dragged squarely back into the spotlight. It’s a question that’s never been properly answered.

So I’d like to suggest an added layer to Dr. Pépin’s brilliant revelations. Besides the HIV infection left in the syringes was the contents of the syringes themselves.  The ingredients of vaccines – too many to enumerate – may be critical, independent catalysts for accelerating disease.

Drug Quality & Delivery

Plus, the vaccines they get inAfrica are often not what we get in the West.  Generally, quality and safety concerns of drugs in Africa have always been considered less of an issue and swept under the carpet. And this dubious history merits a rigorous investigation all by itself.

                                                                                                                         And maybe the secret ‘Star of our Show’                                            are the lowly Antibiotics

My own theory on this has always been antibiotics. Antibiotics blow-out the good bacteria in the stomach. The stomach is where 80% of the immune system resides. The stomach determines whether you are going to win any health battle.

Today, we know the double-edged sword of antibiotics from the super bugs we created through abuse of antibiotics. What exactly is the effect of antibiotics on the immune system?

As of 2009, “There is still no clear standing on real effects of antibiotics on the immune system” as one review reports.

How is that possible?   Is this just another area we are afraid to look at? Too dangerous, like the efficacy and safety of vaccines – antibiotics are just too central to what we know to be true.     I mean, they’re one of our medical miracles, right? Right?

 Hyper-sexually active

And speaking of gay men in San Francisco, what the heck do they have in common with heterosexual men in Africa? This is the question that has been bugging me for almost 20 years. Well, no one in the world uses more antibiotics than hyper-sexually active gay men contracting sexually transmitted diseases.   No one, that is, unless it’s hyper-sexually active heterosexual men in some parts of Africa.

We got all caught up on the “hyper-sexually active” part and ignored boring, old antibiotics. Today, we know how lethal antibiotics are by inadvertently creating bacteria to obliterate us.

Modern-day oral antibiotics in Africa are cheap over-the-counter stuff, so widely-available it’s popped like so many candies to prophylactically ward off disease. A recent Harvard study of 5 African nations found “Antibiotics were widely available and inappropriately used in all settings.”.

Of course, the hugely profitable infrastructure of medicine in America is not in place in Africa. The people here can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a pill that costs a penny. So the antibiotics are cheap and accessible everywhere peddled by all manner of unlicensed intermediaries.

If antibiotic abuse can wipe out our immune system then – along with the vaccines/injections in this tale – it may be equally, or even more, culpable.

A simple enough study to do but then we’re getting back to this recurring issue of self-inflicted epidemics.

And consider the magnitude of such a debilitating medical heresy;                          The two all-stars of Western medicine – vaccines and antibiotics – created the greatest health scourge in history.

iatrogenic – resulting from the activity of a physician; said of any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician or surgeon, for instance, death after injection of an inappropriate solution or of an appropriate solution in an inappropriate manner.

Incredibly, Dr. Pépin does not sugar-coat the results of his painstakingly detailed detective work.      Amazingly, he ‘humbly’ indicts himself and the health armies across Africa without thought to protecting himself or the profits of the vaccine makers.

His honesty and directness demand an equally honest and direct reply from the world.

Can we finally admit the horse is out of the barn (or shit is out of the horse, in the vernacular) here? Can we finally address the facts and start the clean-up?     Can we research the obvious?

Can we ….                                                                                                                                              ‘Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion. Follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing’,  as Thomas Huxley once counselled.

Professor Pépin has shown us the way.          Lets’ hope he’s rewarded for his courage.

And what does all this have to do with electromagnetic fields? Well, everything it turns out.

Electromagnetic fields create the necessary terrain for autism. That is, vaccines are highly injurious in the presence of toxic energy.

And on the flip side, a Nobel Prize winner has a treatment for HIV-AIDS           that utilizes electromagnetic fields.

So please tune in again.                                                                                                                   And in the meantime… ‘cover’ this story.


    With thanks to sources shamelessly pilfered,                                                                         please do Read Their Accounts for a fuller picture;                                                                                                           


Technology Killed Steve Jobs

Technology Killed Steve Jobs

That’s not Steve Jobs “killed technology” or spawned “killer technology” in the awesome, sick, hot, cool product sense.

Though iTunes and Steve Jobs killed the record & CD industry.                      Rather,  it was technology killed Steve Jobs in a quite literal sense.

Steve Jobs replied to my email years ago in Silicon Valley. I asked him why he’s not touting Apple’s great security. He replied he just didn’t want to draw publicity to it for fear hackers may focus on Apple products.  Always a step ahead.

The world could’ve used 25 more years of his pig-headed brilliance,       this ‘Future by Steve Jobs’.

I wish to draw attention to what killed him. Technology is the killer.                   Was it a remote death ray, nano-robots or mutant bacteria?                                      No, nothing like that. Well, almost nothing like that.

We’re killed by the things we love; addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, McDonald’s and the list. We pick our poisons and go to the well, habitually. One who loves violence may die by the sword.           Lovers die by the object of their affections.

If you want to learn what kills us, find out what we love.

Far from junk food, Steve Jobs was meticulous about what he ingested as a pescetarian (vegetarian + fish). He kept his own fresh food garden.           And as a Buddhist, he likely cultivated discipline while avoiding most         bad lifestyle choices. One may expect Steve to live a long, healthy life.     One ‘addiction’ Jobs would never shake was technology.

Steve Jobs loved technology. These warm and fuzzy technology things – the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad – are things he loved. They’re the things we all love. They’re why we loved Steve.

The iPhone (slash iPad) is the technology that absorbs our lives.
Researchers contend brain scans show it’s far more than mere brand recognition (New York Times, “You Love Your iPhone. Literally”).

The iPhone was a game-changer.
It was also a game-changer in terms of man-made radiation.
The iPhone emits more electromagnetic radiation than any other smartphone in the world. It’s always ‘talking’ to other iPhones.               You can ‘bump’ iPhones to exchange e-cards. It’s so cool!

And it’s so deadly. Like a bunch mini-transmitters, it’s radiation is “always-on” and all around. We’re swimming in electromagnetic fields which have increased a million-fold in the past 40 years. 

iPhone takes this radiation exposure to a whole new level.                                      Not so cool.

We’ve welcomed this ubiquitous hazard into our lives this past century. The scientific case is not herein with copious links to distract our radiation-addled brains. Ask your mother or grandmother. Mine once said about TV, ‘Stay back from that thing, it can’t be good for you’. Turns out, TVs once emitted X-rays!   Anyway, go look it up.       What am I, your mother?

Let me get off our fav devices (er, ‘loved ones’) and instead focus on Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs reputedly had a hand in every design detail, his obsession with interface and usability means he was immersed in electromagnetic field radiation. Not like you or me or even the bench engineers at Apple.

In terms of humans on the planet and without benefit of environmental audit, it’s safe to say he was in the 99.9th percentile of exposure to this radiation. Steve Jobs was Guinea Pig Number One.

[ Actually, Dr. Robert Kane, Motorola’s top patent holder/cellphone tester – wrote the book, ‘Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette’ in 2001 and died of a brain tumor – was likely ‘Number One’ ]

Technology is addictive – not just in the better-known psychological sense of reinforced behavior and subsequent triggering of endorphins, dopamine and all these neurotransmitters involved in addiction.

Beyond this, the radiation itself is addictive. Electromagnetic radiation – independent of other factors– triggers endorphins, impacts dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, GABA – the addiction keys.

This covert, man-made radiation we heartily embrace affects our mental health and then directly impacts our physical health. Cancer is one of the troubling by-products. Technology kills… in a warm & fuzzy way.

What of pancreatic cancer and Steve Jobs? He first got pancreatic cancer in 2004. Those chemo treatments doubtless resulted in the liver toxicity which necessitated a liver transplant. The liver’s ‘the General’ in this war as they say in Chinese medicine. Without the liver, no chance. Oncologists agree.

After pancreatic cancer in 2004, rather than quit and concentrate on getting healthy, Steve Jobs was just getting started. Then came the liver transplant in 2009. That’s the heroic part. We think it’s all great fun designing the future. Sometimes, one expects it’s hellish hard work.

Steve Jobs made technology accessible and indispensible and the object of all our affections. No longer stuck in the realm of ‘need’ Steve Jobs made technology a matter of ‘want’. Technology became happy and helpful and mostly… Simple.

Like the genius Nikola Tesla and his alternating current, Jobs brought wondrous technology into our lives. Electricity is the backbone of our technological advance. Ironically, with it’s own hazardous radiation,     electricity is the unindicted toxic co-conspirator lurking.

Technology… for good or evil. The good, we all know.
The evil? Well, that’s right now being discovered.

Steve Jobs killed technology and technology killed Steve Jobs.
It’s tantamount to being attacked by gummy bears (for some of us).

This thing we love turned against us. And who’d think to blame gummy bears anymore than people would blame their various and sundry iStuff.

Steve Jobs gave his life to give you this technology.
He didn’t know it.

And frankly, the collective “we” won’t know it for a while yet.

On technology and health, we need to think anew and act anew            and all that jazz.

Like Steve.

This Blog is now officially open
further inspired by Steve Jobs.


Your Brain On…. Cellphone

This is Your Brain on Cellphone.
In fact, it’s   Brett Bocook’s  brain … and his brain tumor … on his cellphone.Brett Bocook is one of billions of people who had no clue that cellphones can fry your brains.  He survived and wants others to know.

We need a new Campaign.

Cellphones, Brain Tumors & the Elephant(s)… in the Room

The jumbo Interphone Study results for brain tumors and cellphones landed recently.  Nutbars wanna take our cellphones away again. This time it’s the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)part of the World Health Organization (WHO), 48 scientists with data from 13 countries (no U.S. see later), over five years and 5,100 brain tumors. OK fine, big names, big numbers but whaddaya got? Are cellphone giving us brain tumors? 40% Increase in Glioma [ which, if that’s all it was after 30 years? Hey, no biggie! But it seems there’s much, much more to it. ] For example, this $ 25 million study found a 40% increase in brain tumors but you had to be a “heavy” cellphone user for ten years. And who uses a cellphone 30 minutes a day? Ah, it’s 2010. Who doesn’t? And one in four people have given up their land line in favor of cellphones. So the better question – at least for teenage girls – may be Do you use your phone 30 minutes  every  hour? Young People Not Allowed Still, that “better question” wasn’t asked because people under 30 were not included, one of many omissions in this “landmark” study. Why bother having all those thin-skulled, rapid-cell dividing, 24-7 manic cellphone users cluttering up your tumor tally? It’s just so unseemly. Especially when they have a much higher rate of brain tumors. Elephant number one, ‘n two. Another elephant (not in the study) who tip-toed into this research room is Cordless Phones – the phone used by the other 75% who have not chucked their land line. You may say, ‘Who cares?’, this being a cellphone study? We care for 2 reasons; one, cordless phones emit microwave radiation 24 hours a day like a mini-cell phone tower in your home and are separately associated with brain tumors. And secondly, reason one completely negates the results of the study by dramatically watering down the findings. Confound it! Cordless phones are a powerful “confounder” [ confounder: a factor that can influence a trial or experiment, leading to unexpected outcomes that improperly skew the results]. Throw in some not incidental electromagnetic radiation exposures like Wi-Fi, powerlines, office and home appliances  and this INTERPHONE Study is effectively comparing a 3 pack-a-day smoker to a 5 pack-a-day smoker.  < a pdf. Consumer Guide Expiry Date The third elephant who snuck past security is Time, the study is four years late. There are many elements that work to confound these results over those four years, the most obvious being the rise in usage.  But I’d rather point to the reason why it’s four years late. Politics and money. Who among you industries has 4.6 billion customers giving you a fat monthly fee? Oil, Tobacco, Pharma, Power Cos. … put your hands down! The fact is none of these other industries has the reach of mobile phones.  China, India and Africa see to that. Without infrastructure you can’t have gobs of electric power or commerce or oil-sucking transportation. With cellphones, you gain instant market penetration in very poor countries. One scary example is introducing an immune system stressor to people of African nations many of whom have massively compromised immune systems.  But that’s a future study. [ Many Africans spend more on cellphones than rent ] Theft of a People’s Rights Back in 1996 in the United States, the Cellphone Industry wrote The Telecom Act of 1996. It stands as the most egregious abridgment of any people’s rights anywhere. In any town in America you cannot stop a cellphone tower for health reasons. It’s the law. But it goes beyond that. If you try… you will be sued. So let it be written.. so let it be done. And who let the dogs out( Thanks Al Gore! ) These actions mirror the crazed hubris of Wall Street but here people’s lives are at stake not merely their life savings. If you can write your own laws in the U.S. Congress then writing your own science and exerting undue, unprecedented influence is child’s play (see Pharma influence of WHO). This is the Cellphone Industry. It’s much like what the Tobacco Industry managed for 50 years.  So for all the thrust and parry of battling scientific views, for all the ongoing hoo-ha .. it’s just about money, trillions and trillions of dollars of it. America Opts Out? We’re Good! America opts out of the biggest cellphone study ever.  Why?  ‘We weren’t askedsays the telebacco industry. I’m totally sure that’s true. And the research scientists say there was no government  money available. Right, of course, with the number of cellphones about to exceed the population why would the government have any interest in cellphones and brain tumors? Besides – It’s All Been Done In 1993, Dr. George Carlo was picked to head the Wireless Technology Research program (WTR), a  6 year, $ 28.5 million study of cellphones health effects employing over 200 doctors and scientists. Dr. Carlo found some troubling things and left the research program to write Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Brain Cancer and Genetic Damage . Kinda gives away the plot. So here now is their expert introducing the specter of a cellphone-induced brain tumor pandemic. Back to the Interphone Study and our elephantine enumeration. Disappearing  Brain Tumors In the jumbo Interphone Study, they did Not count people who died OR were too sick to be interviewed. Are these not the very people to be enumerated? So we have excision of brain tumors with the art of epidemiology ( i.e. the sum of factors controlling the presence or absence of a disease or pathogen ).  Nice… if people fall for it. Disappearing  Acoustic Neuromas Kid’s need to keep foreign objects out of their ears. Acoustic Neuromas are a benign tumor of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance and can be life-threatening. Coincidentally, acoustic neuromas have been associated with both cellphones AND cordless phones. Acoustic neuromas were also omitted from the final results published. Why is that? Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden ( the same people who pick the Nobel Prize for Medicine ) found up to 400% increased in these acoustic neuromas. Parotid Gland Tumors? Same Deal The Parotid ( or Saliva ) Gland tumors did not make the final cut either as the battle over brain tumors was pulling the Definition of a “Regular” Cellphone User And the ‘artists’ were not done. Their definition of a cellphone user? Someone who uses their cellphone “once a week for six months”. This is like calling a person a smoker walks through a smoky bar looking for a friend… once a week. With apologies to A.G. Bell – Hello, Watson … Come here .. I need a clue’ Here again, an elephant slipping past our fancy new electromagnetic screening device  which itself promises more electropollution. The fourth elephant perhaps behind a fake nose n’ glasses go into the party. Memory – elephants Denmark Eight of thirteen countries have already published. Denmark is perfect example of how these studies are conducted. Rogue – elephants Missing Appendix Not the don’t-try-this-at-home removal of appendix, rather this Appendix. This Appendix tries to correct one bizzare finding that cellphones reduce brain tumors immediately ( agreed to be improbable ). that Speaking of removal, it brings the big Danish study to mind.

This INTERPHONE Research Room hosts  Pachyderm Party

Oh and Roger Ebert hasn’t got a brain tumor. Thank God!

His old partner Siskel did. And they doubtless were early adopters of the Motorola “brick” cellphone.  ‘It’s all good! It’s all good!’, you hear the telebacco minions chime in. In point of fact, It’s all bad!

These guys are serving Up Brain Tumors …with the Efficiency of McDonald’s The Interphone study provides enough elephant dung to make everyone unhappy.  The media is split on their spin, Yes, No and Maybe.

Yes.  The answer is Yes.

iPhone’s new Death Ray Patent … cool

Everybody knows ‘Apple Kills’ – they just surpassed Microsoft in value and the iPad is even exceeding  the iPhone’s very scary sales trajectory.

[ Yeah, but what’s that about a Death Ray Patent? In a minute.]

First, in terms of weapons of mass destruction Apple sneaks in. Few people realize the iPhone has the highest radiation of any mobile phone (in total).  The Environmental Working Group provides a list of cellphone makers and product radiation SARs or Specific Absorption Rates. (U.S. Federal Communications Commission measure of radiation)

As per the FCC – and one imagines to the delight of the cellphone industry – this rating is merely to ensure cellphones don’t cause massive heating of the brain or cause people to  spontaneously combust. However, actual health considerations are utterly ignored. Kinda like a 30 Day guarantee (of safety) but they regret they are unable to give you your brain back.  See new study.

What Everybody Doesn’t Know

(thanx Dan Piraro … love yor new iPhone aps )

Your iPhone is always on and this is just so great for so many things. It’s also great to provide you with radiation 24/7 for those times in between when you’re not engaged with your phone. So throw out that pacifier of a notion regulators are ‘looking out for you’. This FFC safety standard (so-called) offers not a cursory glance toward “health effects”. In terms of cumulative radiation exposure which is pretty fundamental in radiation risk assessment – it offers nothing at all. This is where Apple shines, cumulative radiation exposure. [ Zat the death ray part? No. ]

There’s an App for That

A creative Israeli company, Tawkon, came up with an app to measure your iPhone radiation, in real time. At least you’ll know when you are “done.”

Upon further review, Apple killed the “App for That.

Then Along Comes PONG to the rescue … [ [Excuse me, I came for the Death Ray story?! Hang on.]

No, not that Pong!

Though the amount of radiation this old cathode ray tube blasted into our heads in the 1970’s is (literally) mind-boggling.

No, this is Pong Research and they have a great little product to save your brain. It is certain that Apple and other cellphone makers will not be designing safe phones any time soon i.e. until the science and courts catch up to all this runaway technological radiation.

But on to the cellular Weapons of Mass Destruction, Apple’s new ‘Particle Gun’ patent. ” The application describes the particle gun as a device with a pair of conductive plates that generate two separate, independent and uniform electromagnetic fields.” More Radiation.

The patent application is entitled System and Method for Authentication Based on Particle Gun Emissions,” is intended to increase encryption quality and security. Understandably, not a lot of mention of your brain or tumors or cancer or Alzheimer’s ‘n such.

It’s a short technology ride from here to a portable, concealable ‘Death Ray’. And then next up – mind control … all in the palm of your hand.                                                                                                                      ( Brought to you by Apple )

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla – the brilliant inventor who gave us alternating current(AC) as a solution to Edison’s unworkable direct current(DC) – had a grand plan for his death ray invention and that was to wipe out 10,000 attacking planes in the air. The ultimate peace weapon or so he thought. The American military have introduced their “Active Denial System for crowd dispersal though grander covert plans have long been afoot. And along comes Apple

.. with the big scoop once again; a Handheld Ray Gun!

Damn you Steve Jobs. You’re good!