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De Niro Punked Out, HotDocs + Vaxxed

Canada is not America:
the politics of vaccines
Dear HotDocs,
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Canada is not America.
As if we need Donald J. Trump as President to make that crystal clear.
In America, liberty, the right to choose, the ability to control (or even know)
what goes in your body and what goes in your child’s body is disappearing.
Where is the political left? Where is the political right? Where is the truth?
As America goes, so goes Canada … usually, and only to some degree.
Tribeca ATT
The Tribeca Film Festival was to feature a documentary,
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.
Robert De Niro jumped in …then Punked-Out.
A 100% reversal in a matter of hours, folded like a cheap suit.
The thing is – we forget – he’s just an actor. He reads stuff.
But in reading these words De Niro  was handed,
For-Profit TRIBECA displays the limits of their truth-telling.
Tribeca Film Festival is owned Apax Partners Funds  who have investments
in a dozen Pharma ventures, i.e. makers and marketers of vaccines.
Robert Kennedy Jr. makes a brilliant political distinction in “the Narrow Path” between Communism where America is run  exclusively by Big Government and whereby Fascism
is a small government elite as an extension of Big Corporations. “Mussolini thought
Fascism should be called Corporatism”, as RFK Jr. relates here.
Fascism and Donald Trump is an increasing popular pairing in political
commentary this election cycle in America with Mr. Trump’s tweet, retweets
and mistreats of protocol and decorum of the presidential primaries.
Robert Kennedy Jr. is relevant because he’s all about saving the planet,
River Keepers etc., 35 years fighting Corporate America poisoning people.
In 30 years he’s read a lot of science, a lot of junk science, ‘tobacco science’ (as it’s called) Mouse Smoking Robert Kennedy may the world’s expert at separating the wheat
from the chaff. His book, “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak…” is about Mercury in Vaccines.
http://bit.ly/RFKjrVaccines  And yes, AUTISM.
Back to Tribeca… and their sponsors.
Oh sure, you can connect all the sponsors, on all the Boards and they
are all buddies and all want not to rock the Pharma boat. But it’s
WAY more direct here at the Tribeca Pharma Festival.
So the SOLUTION seems simple enough for HotDocs.
I mean, sez right here, “Outspoken. Outstanding” – that’s
HotDocs yes? Your mission, your motto, your raison d’être!
Certainly HotDocs couldn’t be afraid of a little truth?
(Or in this case a whole lot of truth to rocket HotDocs into a new
global stratosphere of filmmaking and relevant influence)
I understand Robert De Niro bows Alan Patricof  (owner of Tribeca)
who has billions of Pharma revenues at stake. Vaccines (as causing Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, Immune System Disorders, Asthma and the rest) are a Major Lynchpin.
You can’t pull that rug out because a trillion dollar industry suffers.
And should Hillary Clinton become president, her Pharma Pal Patricof will be
well rewarded for his fundraising loyalty. One of many fundraisers for Clinton
at $ 32,400 a head (the legal maximum) and they had the decency to limit
attendance to a mere 26 ‘heads’ . http://bit.ly/PatricofClinton
 Patricof Clinton
Hillary Clinton’s script courtesy of Patricof (doubtless) was rather unequivocal on Twitter –
The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork.
Let’s protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest
So of the 271 vaccines in the pipeline, if she gets the top job these vaccines will move
like shit through a goose. And it doesn’t matter if they work, it doesn’t matter
if they kill people because PHARMA has no legal responsibility.
And lawyer Hillary, of all people, apparently doesn’t know that.
– DOCs can talk about anything…except Vaccines
– DOCs defend your right to choose. No choice with Vaccines.
– You can sue anyone in America if their product kills your child..
  but not if it was a Vaccine. So you Sure can’t talk about that.
So then, my thin-edge-of-the-wedge questions.
If you want to know, the answer is very clear…
(well, after you get through the iceberg of obfuscation the
 cowardly bureaucrats & profiteers have built with outright lies 
 and a rabidly enthusiastic media defending their last advertisers 
 WHILE “Saving the Kids!” at the same time… the “why” stands out)
1) A top researcher at the CDC is a Whistleblower.
In summer of 2014 he said they buried data, changed protocols
committed fraud. The MMR Vaccine DID In Fact
increase Autism in black boys by almost 4x.
2) TWO Merck Researchers Suing their employer Merk who forced them to CHANGE data. The MMR vaccine doesn’t even work*.  bit.ly/MerckLawsuit    (* it Works, but most malavently)
Poul Thorson Fugitive
3) Dr. Poul Thorsen from Denmark author on THE STUDY
  which the CDC, the Media, PHARMA… all point to in
  order to Prove Vaccines are Safe is a thief. He stole
  over 1.25 million and is “wanted” by the FBI but
  strangely no one is extraditing him.
4) Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s co-accused, Prof. John Walker-Smith,
    had the same huge laundry list of BS charged against them. Prof.
    Walker-Smith could afford the Appeal to the UK Supreme Court.
    JOhn Walker Smith
    The judge ripped the GMC (which is a medical body focused
    wholly on covering one part of their anatomy).. I mean, crushed
    and mocked their decision. No indepth article was written* so
    a link to a book for decent explanations  bit.ly/HighCourtRuling
   (* See also, gutless media covering only their financial interest)
    And yes, by inference, it totally exonerates Wakefield.. if he can
    just get into court. Funds from the Doc Vaxxed would do that.
     HotDocs can gain massive global publicity.
     It can do that by going against the Major Media worldwide who’s
     financial interests are inextricably linked to the of BIG PHARMA.

 “..Truth to Power” is the essence of a documentary.    Speaking that is, and the freedom to speak.

    On health issues, there’s one Canadian analogy of sorts.
   Canadian researchers said Mammograms were NOT good
    in the way they were being done and led to worse outcomes.
The researchers were pilloried for years, until a large American study agreed.
The GREED of GE, Siemens (and Machine Peddlers) was rolled back on
their tragic OVER-radiating of women. bit.ly/MammogramsXcess
On VACCINES, Canadian researchers found people who got the Flu Shot were TWICE as likely to contract H1N1 (swine flu, you recall that scary pandemic? Not)  A “paradox”
CBC called it.  Paradox my ass.  bit.ly/FluShot2xH1N1 
And here’s the thing, the flu shot doesn’t work. Don’t ask the 53% of healthcare workers who work the front lines and refuse the flu shot. Ask the Cochrane Collaboration, the ONE unbiased research group that every year researches the efficacy of the flu vaccine.
Just like every year they look at dozens of new studies.. “Nope.”
And here’s the other thing. No, not that Pregnant Women, Children & Old People are the primary TARGET for the annual flu vaccine. Not that thing – though, there is That!
How toxic is mercury? Go look it up.
And as you stickhandle past the baloney, consider one Dr. Maurice Hilleman.
Hilleman is like the Babe Ruth of vaccines having developed over 40 vaccines.
He lamented to his boss at Merck how the mercury in their vaccines were up 77x
the level determined to be safe for adults by the FDA.
I’m repeating myself. My point – and I do have one – is that this is Truth.                             And HotDocs is supposed to be in the Truth Telling Business, yes?
Here is Del Bigtree, the produced of Vaxxed,
this is what truth sounds like. http://bit.ly/Bigtree
If you have the courage to do this
      it’s good for HotDocs, good for Canada
      good for America and the Entire World. 
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism (Skyhorse)

Vaccines: Catalyst for the AIDS Epidemic

New research on the origins of AIDS suggest vaccines may be the villain               of this horrific piece of history. Is HIV-AIDS a self-inflicted epidemic?

Without vaccines – and outsiders insatiable appetite for intervention in Africa- the AIDS epidemic might never have happened.

( < Ancient Greek painting in a vase, showing a physician                 (iatros) bleeding a patient )

“The Origins of AIDS” is a new book by Dr. Jacques Pépin, an infectious disease specialist who worked in Africa in the early ‘80s. Dr. Pepin presents the stunning and eloquent chain of events right back to the bush hunter in central Africa in 1921.

Dr. Pépin was hands-on, treating patients in a bush hospital in the former Belgian Congo. Historically, this is the region where colonial powers France and Belgium aggressively vaccinated the population to create ‘herd immunity’ to protect whites (and the native populations, one has to assume).

This heart of Africa was the last to be exploited by European powers due to the rainforest, swamps and fear of endemic diseases. It was here where both the greatest genetic diversity of the HIV virus exists and the earliest known AIDS blood sample (dating to 1959) was found.

Dr. Pépin discovered some Africans receive as many as 300 vaccines over their lifetime.  

So whether it be early health interventions in the 20’s onward or modern immunization campaigns – vaccines have repeatedly ‘injected’ their catalytic influence into Africa’s AIDS cataclysm.

They used syringes and needles to inject hundreds of patients a day in medical campaigns against diseases such as sleeping sickness, tuberculosis and leprosy. In the process, Dr. Pépin believes, they helped turn a virus infecting a lone ape hunter in Africa into a global epidemic with some 62 million victims.”        [ Globe and Mail Oct. 21, 2011 ]

As in much of Africa today, infrastructure is weak and power failures were common. Ensuring best medical practices and procedures or even proper sterilization is impossible for Western healthcare workers. [ NB: Today,     1.3 million people each year die in developing nations from unsafe injections ]

“The chances that this hunter alone could launch an epidemic are very low,” Dr. Pépin said. “But here are all the chances in the world that he went to be treated for a tropical disease and a little HIV stayed in the syringe. Then the next patient was injected with it intravenously.”

“Honestly, I have no memory of asking myself the question at the time,” he said. “But afterwards, I reflected on what I did in good faith. I realized that maybe I had transmitted a bit of the AIDS virus.” The thought, he said,  left him with a sense of “humility.”

“Doctors and scientists can draw a lesson in prudence and humility from this,” he said. “When you manipulate nature in a way you don’t completely understand, the consequences can be unpredictable and absolutely disastrous.”

Today, Professor Pépin heads up infectious diseases at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebecand is not a high-profile AIDS researcher. And yet University of Manitoba AIDS expert Dr. Allan Ronald who initiated the well-known Nairobi prostitute study, has called Dr. Pépin “one of the unsung heroes of AIDS research.”

And as reported in the New York Times – Dr. Max Essex, chairman of the AIDS Initiative at the Harvard School of Public Health, was “biased against the idea,” he said in an interview, because he was still upset at what he considered the “distorted nonsense” of the polio hypothesis. “But I was unexpectedly surprised,” Dr. Essex said. “This is very scientifically hard, objective    scholarship.”

David Mabey, Professor of Communicable Diseases, LondonSchoolof Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Reviews the book – “In this scholarly and immensely readable account of the origin of AIDS, Dr Pépin draws on his personal experience of working in central Africaand his extensive knowledge of African history, as well his training in infectious diseases, virology and epidemiology. Unlike others who have tackled the subject, he comes to it with an open mind, and this account is likely to be definitive.”

Dr. Jacques Pépin describes the turning point in Marsailles, France where he discovered a goldmine of medical records in colonial archives,               cataloging the massive use of injections.

“That day was a revelation. I realized that these reports probably contained a big part of the explanation of what happened behind the emergence of AIDS,” he said. “If there hadn’t been those medical campaigns, in my opinion, there probably wouldn’t have been an AIDS epidemic.”

Cover Story, not ‘covered’

The Globe and Mail writer suggests that Dr. Pépin’s “getting international buzz” for his book. Not in the media. A Google News search shows an incredible dearth of coverage or response from any quarters at all.

When looking this up, you’ll be inundated with the Jacques Pépin, chef, television star and author stories. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the Dr. Jacques Pépin whose scientific chefery has finally delivered the fully-baked theory.

                                                                                                                                                                      How is that, given the magnitude of the story it remains uncovered by media? Well, the choice of book title may dilute the effect of the coverage with news groups and disseminators. The documentary “The Origins of AIDS” and other offerings, sew confusion with prior information or rampant disinformation is one answer.

Or just the ‘Oh no, not another AIDS theory!’ exhausted knee-jerk reaction. Although, I’ll wager Dr. Jacques Pépin’s book will answer more questions and unearth more facts than the last  dozens theories.

However, one main reason for no coverage seems to be the battle over vaccines and autism. The autism-vaccine story has blown-up at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is shifting it’s profit future into vaccines. Vaccines for all cancer, diabetes, addiction, Alzheimer’s, peanut allergies, obesity, bad breath – you name it – a vaccine with your affliction’s name on it is coming your way.

( Note in 1984 U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler declared that an HIV vaccine would be available within two years.    So don’t hold your breath waiting and maybe, think twice.)

The major media’s grasping for rapidly diminishing advertising dollars means any story to knock vaccines  merely hastens their own demise. Big Pharma spends a fortune on research as they are wont to remind us.

But the fact is, they spend Twice as much on advertising as on research. Goto ..

For it’s own good, the major media (an increasingly anachronistic moniker?) wouldn’t touch this story with a 10-foot pole.

Another Vaccines & Autism Story

Somewhat like the recent, long-simmering story of vaccines and autism.          The media chose sides and merely fashioned the story to suit their client needs, no different than any of Pharma’s many public relations firms.

The aggressive advocacy of media on ‘debunking’ vaccines and autism never veered from character assassination into the actual scientific research.               For people familiar with the story behind the story, it was more than a bit scary.

( Maybe Rupert Murdoch’s conflicts and involvement in greasing these wheels will cause media to revisit their ‘tainted’ campaign’)

What’s happening on this vaccine-AIDS story? Surely a story to hit over a week earlier – an eternity in internet time – would be regurgitated  a thousand times by now.  You have to judge for yourself. To me, it’s again a simple matter of money – money over health. It’s the oldest story in the history of our democracies.

However, ‘Ignore it’ seems to be the strategy on this vaccine-AIDS story as the science is too compelling. They are covering it alright … their ass that is.

And a great wave of scientific questions come billowing forth as  ‘what we know to be true’ … all of a sudden… isn’t.

The Next Investigation? Vaccines themselves.

And then it raises so many new questions. For example, what of the toxic content of the vaccines and their long term impact on morbidity and mortality in African populations with (or without) AIDS. The question of vaccine toxicity must be dragged squarely back into the spotlight. It’s a question that’s never been properly answered.

So I’d like to suggest an added layer to Dr. Pépin’s brilliant revelations. Besides the HIV infection left in the syringes was the contents of the syringes themselves.  The ingredients of vaccines – too many to enumerate – may be critical, independent catalysts for accelerating disease.

Drug Quality & Delivery

Plus, the vaccines they get inAfrica are often not what we get in the West.  Generally, quality and safety concerns of drugs in Africa have always been considered less of an issue and swept under the carpet. And this dubious history merits a rigorous investigation all by itself.

                                                                                                                         And maybe the secret ‘Star of our Show’                                            are the lowly Antibiotics

My own theory on this has always been antibiotics. Antibiotics blow-out the good bacteria in the stomach. The stomach is where 80% of the immune system resides. The stomach determines whether you are going to win any health battle.

Today, we know the double-edged sword of antibiotics from the super bugs we created through abuse of antibiotics. What exactly is the effect of antibiotics on the immune system?

As of 2009, “There is still no clear standing on real effects of antibiotics on the immune system” as one review reports.

How is that possible?   Is this just another area we are afraid to look at? Too dangerous, like the efficacy and safety of vaccines – antibiotics are just too central to what we know to be true.     I mean, they’re one of our medical miracles, right? Right?

 Hyper-sexually active

And speaking of gay men in San Francisco, what the heck do they have in common with heterosexual men in Africa? This is the question that has been bugging me for almost 20 years. Well, no one in the world uses more antibiotics than hyper-sexually active gay men contracting sexually transmitted diseases.   No one, that is, unless it’s hyper-sexually active heterosexual men in some parts of Africa.

We got all caught up on the “hyper-sexually active” part and ignored boring, old antibiotics. Today, we know how lethal antibiotics are by inadvertently creating bacteria to obliterate us.

Modern-day oral antibiotics in Africa are cheap over-the-counter stuff, so widely-available it’s popped like so many candies to prophylactically ward off disease. A recent Harvard study of 5 African nations found “Antibiotics were widely available and inappropriately used in all settings.”.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21999394

Of course, the hugely profitable infrastructure of medicine in America is not in place in Africa. The people here can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a pill that costs a penny. So the antibiotics are cheap and accessible everywhere peddled by all manner of unlicensed intermediaries.

If antibiotic abuse can wipe out our immune system then – along with the vaccines/injections in this tale – it may be equally, or even more, culpable.

A simple enough study to do but then we’re getting back to this recurring issue of self-inflicted epidemics.

And consider the magnitude of such a debilitating medical heresy;                          The two all-stars of Western medicine – vaccines and antibiotics – created the greatest health scourge in history.

iatrogenic – resulting from the activity of a physician; said of any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician or surgeon, for instance, death after injection of an inappropriate solution or of an appropriate solution in an inappropriate manner.

Incredibly, Dr. Pépin does not sugar-coat the results of his painstakingly detailed detective work.      Amazingly, he ‘humbly’ indicts himself and the health armies across Africa without thought to protecting himself or the profits of the vaccine makers.

His honesty and directness demand an equally honest and direct reply from the world.

Can we finally admit the horse is out of the barn (or shit is out of the horse, in the vernacular) here? Can we finally address the facts and start the clean-up?     Can we research the obvious?

Can we ….                                                                                                                                              ‘Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion. Follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing’,  as Thomas Huxley once counselled.

Professor Pépin has shown us the way.          Lets’ hope he’s rewarded for his courage.

And what does all this have to do with electromagnetic fields? Well, everything it turns out.

Electromagnetic fields create the necessary terrain for autism. That is, vaccines are highly injurious in the presence of toxic energy.

And on the flip side, a Nobel Prize winner has a treatment for HIV-AIDS           that utilizes electromagnetic fields.

So please tune in again.                                                                                                                   And in the meantime… ‘cover’ this story.


    With thanks to sources shamelessly pilfered,                                                                         please do Read Their Accounts for a fuller picture;                                                                      http://bit.ly/JacquesPepinAIDS