Technology Killed Steve Jobs

Technology Killed Steve Jobs

That’s not Steve Jobs “killed technology” or spawned “killer technology” in the awesome, sick, hot, cool product sense.

Though iTunes and Steve Jobs killed the record & CD industry.                      Rather,  it was technology killed Steve Jobs in a quite literal sense.

Steve Jobs replied to my email years ago in Silicon Valley. I asked him why he’s not touting Apple’s great security. He replied he just didn’t want to draw publicity to it for fear hackers may focus on Apple products.  Always a step ahead.

The world could’ve used 25 more years of his pig-headed brilliance,       this ‘Future by Steve Jobs’.

I wish to draw attention to what killed him. Technology is the killer.                   Was it a remote death ray, nano-robots or mutant bacteria?                                      No, nothing like that. Well, almost nothing like that.

We’re killed by the things we love; addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, McDonald’s and the list. We pick our poisons and go to the well, habitually. One who loves violence may die by the sword.           Lovers die by the object of their affections.

If you want to learn what kills us, find out what we love.

Far from junk food, Steve Jobs was meticulous about what he ingested as a pescetarian (vegetarian + fish). He kept his own fresh food garden.           And as a Buddhist, he likely cultivated discipline while avoiding most         bad lifestyle choices. One may expect Steve to live a long, healthy life.     One ‘addiction’ Jobs would never shake was technology.

Steve Jobs loved technology. These warm and fuzzy technology things – the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad – are things he loved. They’re the things we all love. They’re why we loved Steve.

The iPhone (slash iPad) is the technology that absorbs our lives.
Researchers contend brain scans show it’s far more than mere brand recognition (New York Times, “You Love Your iPhone. Literally”).

The iPhone was a game-changer.
It was also a game-changer in terms of man-made radiation.
The iPhone emits more electromagnetic radiation than any other smartphone in the world. It’s always ‘talking’ to other iPhones.               You can ‘bump’ iPhones to exchange e-cards. It’s so cool!

And it’s so deadly. Like a bunch mini-transmitters, it’s radiation is “always-on” and all around. We’re swimming in electromagnetic fields which have increased a million-fold in the past 40 years. 

iPhone takes this radiation exposure to a whole new level.                                      Not so cool.

We’ve welcomed this ubiquitous hazard into our lives this past century. The scientific case is not herein with copious links to distract our radiation-addled brains. Ask your mother or grandmother. Mine once said about TV, ‘Stay back from that thing, it can’t be good for you’. Turns out, TVs once emitted X-rays!   Anyway, go look it up.       What am I, your mother?

Let me get off our fav devices (er, ‘loved ones’) and instead focus on Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs reputedly had a hand in every design detail, his obsession with interface and usability means he was immersed in electromagnetic field radiation. Not like you or me or even the bench engineers at Apple.

In terms of humans on the planet and without benefit of environmental audit, it’s safe to say he was in the 99.9th percentile of exposure to this radiation. Steve Jobs was Guinea Pig Number One.

[ Actually, Dr. Robert Kane, Motorola’s top patent holder/cellphone tester – wrote the book, ‘Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette’ in 2001 and died of a brain tumor – was likely ‘Number One’ ]

Technology is addictive – not just in the better-known psychological sense of reinforced behavior and subsequent triggering of endorphins, dopamine and all these neurotransmitters involved in addiction.

Beyond this, the radiation itself is addictive. Electromagnetic radiation – independent of other factors– triggers endorphins, impacts dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, GABA – the addiction keys.

This covert, man-made radiation we heartily embrace affects our mental health and then directly impacts our physical health. Cancer is one of the troubling by-products. Technology kills… in a warm & fuzzy way.

What of pancreatic cancer and Steve Jobs? He first got pancreatic cancer in 2004. Those chemo treatments doubtless resulted in the liver toxicity which necessitated a liver transplant. The liver’s ‘the General’ in this war as they say in Chinese medicine. Without the liver, no chance. Oncologists agree.

After pancreatic cancer in 2004, rather than quit and concentrate on getting healthy, Steve Jobs was just getting started. Then came the liver transplant in 2009. That’s the heroic part. We think it’s all great fun designing the future. Sometimes, one expects it’s hellish hard work.

Steve Jobs made technology accessible and indispensible and the object of all our affections. No longer stuck in the realm of ‘need’ Steve Jobs made technology a matter of ‘want’. Technology became happy and helpful and mostly… Simple.

Like the genius Nikola Tesla and his alternating current, Jobs brought wondrous technology into our lives. Electricity is the backbone of our technological advance. Ironically, with it’s own hazardous radiation,     electricity is the unindicted toxic co-conspirator lurking.

Technology… for good or evil. The good, we all know.
The evil? Well, that’s right now being discovered.

Steve Jobs killed technology and technology killed Steve Jobs.
It’s tantamount to being attacked by gummy bears (for some of us).

This thing we love turned against us. And who’d think to blame gummy bears anymore than people would blame their various and sundry iStuff.

Steve Jobs gave his life to give you this technology.
He didn’t know it.

And frankly, the collective “we” won’t know it for a while yet.

On technology and health, we need to think anew and act anew            and all that jazz.

Like Steve.

This Blog is now officially open
further inspired by Steve Jobs.



16 responses to “Technology Killed Steve Jobs

  1. I’ve been using apple computers ever since 1992 and it’s
    always my favorite for all my graphics needs and i always
    admire the creator and inventor. Every year i would buy
    new macs just because I love the simplicity and didn’t
    have to use any anti virus software. I am very sad and
    feeling weak when I heard about the news about Mr. Steve
    Jobs passing. I respect him and all the effort and passion
    that he did to make life and work fun and not boring. He is
    always thinking ahead of himself as far as innovation is concern.
    Thanks Job for everything I will always remember you and keep
    you in my heart. Apple is a big part of my life and apple is

  2. great information, thanks. hope you add some more posts soon.

  3. Well, you have hit the nail on the head. While everyone is busy acknowledging Steve Job’s genius, they haven’t even begun to acknowledge the detrimental effects that cumulative microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers, IPads, wireless home phones, smart meters, wifi, etc. is subjecting people to. See: .Thank you for getting the story right!

  4. Thank you for this blog, EMF Guy! It is so good to see someone else has awoken. Bless Steve Jobs’ soul–though I must admit that for the past 14 years, each time a new upgrade in our connectivity was announced, I was in the background booing and hissing.

  5. Convenience, fun and immediate information connection everywhere – at what price? Check out Disconnect by epidemiologist Devra Davis for details about the industry/government coverup of the science that showed harm of radiofrequency exposures. It is chilling.

  6. I’m sure there’s truth to this, and although I am a devoted admirer of Steve Jobs and of Apple products, I don’t have a cell phone because my brain to be very important to me. However, if I were to pronounce myself on the cause of Steve’s death, I would without any hesitation point to his long years of fruitarianism. It is this—all the sugar, all day every day for years—that, in my opinion, caused his pancreas to become cancerous. I also believe that this is the most probable fate of any and all long term sugar-eating fruitarians. (I write sugar-eating, because we could imagine living on avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, coconut products and tree nuts, all of which are fruits but contain hardly any sugar. And in this case, there would be no pancreatic stress or problems.)

    • While I’m all in on the horror of HFCS, sugar, and fruit juices – even honey, maple syrup and natural sweets need restricting – but I draw the line at fruits in their original packaging. I’d depart with you (and Mercola) on that. Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs in the movie and had pancreatic problems mimicking Jobs’ frutarian diet. But Kutcher is a big drinker (?). Steve Jobs didn’t drink but very rarely. More to the point, Steve Jobs was vegan not fruitarian. Jobs was fruitarian for only a year in his teens. On the diabetes thing, again I’m with you (also, Peter Attia
      And of course the wild card for me is EMF & Diabetes, “Type III” as Magda Havas would have it
      One last big thing on fruits, saw Judah Folkman at U of T many years ago sharing angiogenesis (for which he shoulda won the big one). His ‘progeny’ make a compelling case for fruits killing cancer.

      And the only agent I know with such vast powers of cause and cure is electromagnetic fields – hazard of the century and the future of medicine… as I’m way too fond of saying.

      • So we see eye to eye on many things indeed. If you read his bio, you’ll see that he had many periods during his life where he ate only fruit (like 4 week cleanses where he ate only apples, for example), and not in his teens, but rather starting in university. Furthermore, the periods where he was quite ill, again, he would have only fruit smoothies and juices, thinking that this would help him heal, but in fact, killing himself by doing it. Things are usually multi-factorial, and EMFs are definitely real bad for everything in our bodies; I have no doubts about that. However, I stand by my statement that eating only fruit of any extended length of time is poisonous to the pancreas and the body as a whole, whether they are whole or not, because it’s simply a question of the amount of fructose and glucose ingested.

      • Read his bio (2x) and his fruitarian phase was 18-19 yrs. old, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. His biography has a clear bent in this regard as does Mercola’s (almost celebratory) obit – anti-vegetarian and/or anti-AltMed – which I thought you may recognize. Plus, he had a great survival rate for pancreatic cancer. Was surgery 9 months later a mistake? Was the liver transplant in 2009 a bad idea? Too many things we don’t know. But fleeting apple detoxes? Hoping you’d see the Jobs post on his massive nightly EMF exposure or Havas study I suggested or even The TED talk on Strawberries being more powerful than any chemo agents tested (this by a Western medical group). Thanks.

  7. When I tried a high-fruit diet, I wound up with serious gas problems, and I doubt that would have been all if I’d persisted. Dr. Mercola, to his credit, argues most strongly against a one-size-fits-all approach, and I think he acknowledges that a high level of fruit consumption could be appropriate for some people. I believe he would still argue, however, against eating large amounts of sweet fruit, which modern agriculture has made available.

    Steve Jobs appears to have had poor advice on health. Obviously clueless about EMF. There could have been a whole number of factors.

    In my own case, I can maximize all my other health factors–low-carb, high vegetable diet; appropriate exercise; adequate rest and sunshine–but if I ignore EMF or lose control over it, I will be sick. My reaction to it is clear even with confounding factors. I don’t know if that would be the case if I were ignorant of EMF research. Prior to learning about it, I was sick a lot and just blamed my genes. Most people I hear about become aware from screen dermatitis or awful headaches with cellphone use. I never had a cellphone, so I’ll never know if that would have been my case too.

    I’d be really surprised if Mr. Jobs didn’t have a cellphone, and didn’t use it excessively, so I assume that any reaction he had was below the pain threshold. He’s long gone, and all we can do is speculate.

    • Well. I had emailed Steve Jobs and he emailed me back. But not on EMF. As described, besides the massive technology exposures… there was a transformer outside his window, every night for 20 years.

      • Yes, I see you’ve done a lot of research on this. I’m glad Guillaume posted. I’d totally forgotten you were out here! It was too easy for me to pass off this article, two and a half years ago, as speculation. I haven’t looked at the transformer article yet, but I will.

        It looks like you are not getting much attention to your work. We ought to at least invite the choir in. Are you acquainted with Liz Barris?

        I loved your approach to the epilepsy researchers, pointing out the obvious in the face of ridicule. This has merit. You have to break through the wall of denial somehow. The first person to say it is “crazy.” The second is too, but people start thinking.

  8. It was the liver transplant and immunosuppressants that killed him. Compromised immune system = cancer factory.

    Rest in peace Steve. My daughter got her start because of you and I will always be grateful.

  9. He was my hero in the 80s but he ALWAYS had a device on his belt. Motivated me to program computers, but when my friends started dropping like flies, I took early retirement. So far, I have outlived most of them by a decade. Thanks for the blog!

    • Funny, one prominent critic of EMF exposure said ‘well, if that’s true we’d all be dropping like flies’. We are. It’s just we don’t attribute it to EMF. With the Internet of Things the whole fly conundrum will be solved. I sent a half dozen emails to Steve Jobs on this hazard when I was in Silicon Valley (’88-’98) .. wanting him to design a safe computer (and later phone). But these ones he never replied to. He was a force of nature, no doubt.

      • Buncha scoffaholics, eh? Bad for the heart and brain… My grandparent’s generation mostly made it into their 90s, my parents’ generation (aunts, uncles, cousins) are dying in their 80s from heart failure, endocrine disorders, cancers. All of my husband’s classmates who lived in the same neighborhood are dead (in their 50s). In essence, they are dying not so much at the same age as at the same time.

        I refused to let my husband get a cell phone, and he shares the same reduced EMF environment with me most of the time. Prior to marrying me, he was dying from an endocrine disorder (diabetes). Now he’s a health nut aiming for 100. People don’t know what it feels like to be healthy, so they cling to their gadgets like a teddy bear. It’s pathetic.

        Joseph Goebbels explained that propaganda was not meant to fool the intelligent, but rather give them an excuse to avoid seeing what they’d rather not. I am called a fool because I looked into the health effects before buying a cell phone–and then didn’t buy the cell phone.

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